cafes, canals and coffeeshops...


Amsterdam was like a picturesque scene every turn of a corner. It was a blur of fresh mint tea in the light Friday afternoon sun and late night apple pie at Winkel’s after sitting outside a coffee shop around the corner. People sat along the riverside as the sun shone brightly, picnicking with friends or just admiring the passers-by.

We explored the area of Jordaan which we were staying in; each street was a row of Dutch houses, perfectly aligned but sometimes jagged as the ground has sunk over time – creating mini leaning towers. And the cafes of course, vegan food galore all over the city. We wandered in and out of galleries and shops in the nine shopping streets, all the while taking caution to avoid the bicycles streaming fast down the cobblestone streets.


The tulips lining the streets of Amsterdam were nothing compared to the rows and rows of colour just an hour away from the city in the Keukenhof gardens. Flowers of every colour stretched for miles and miles, and everything from red tulips to cherry blossoms could be found. Fortunately, the classic Amsterdam cold and rainy weather was in hiding and the sun came out for us; the perfect opportunity to eat strawberries and cream in the grass surrounded by flowers and happy dogs and children.


One of my favourite things about the city is that while each street looks similar at first, but deceptively is the opposite. Down each cosy alleyway is hidden coffee shops, cafes, boutiques, busy people and something new to explore - just mind the bikes tied up against the railings...