a weekend in the alps


Winding roads led us to the countryside of France, bordering the alps and Ecrins national park where the mountains met the cascading waterfalls.

With French bread and cheese in our bags and a map in hand we navigated ourselves though a forest-ridden path between towering mountains. Not a person in sight. Only the calming sound of water rushing in the valley beneath us. The late spring warmth erased the last of the winter snow capping the mountain tops; turning the landscape into a lush forest of greenery. The peace that comes with walking in an expanse of nothingness is unparalleled. A journey away from the traffic-filled streets of Paris to the vast lands winding between the towering mountains will leave something tugging at your core, begging for more landscapes to immerse yourself in.

We came across a stunning curtain of water streaming down the cliff-side. Stumbling over and up the rocks which had fallen over the edge, we made it to the bottom of the cascade where the freezing mountain water pooled next to us. Nature at its finest. Remnants of winter remained on the mountains and in the dewy air, but the atmosphere smelt of spring and as the small wildflowers blossomed at our feet. It seemed the change of season was calling to the wildlife, too. On our journey back to the car we were greeted by two Chamois in search of food amongst the rubble of rocks, grass and melting snow. 

We had found a last-minute Airbnb: a small apartment underneath a family villa which overlooked the farmland in every direction. It was a small drive from the centre of Gap, the closest city before an abyss of untouched nature. The fragile air of stillness was only interrupted when a group of elderly men began their Sunday afternoon game of bowls in the square by the cathedral. Our weekend had come to an end as reality beckoned us home.  But with more nature practically at our doorstep it was only the beginning of getting lost in the beauty of unexplored landscapes.